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New GPS tracking service PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 23 August 2001 00:00

Source: Computimes, The New Straits Times (page 38)

The concept of global positioning system (GPS) has been around for some years. For industries involved in logistics, GPS can be of great help in tracking the position of their vehicles as well as keeping tabs on them.

With this in mind, Rimman VM (M) Sdn Bhd has introduced its GPS tracking service. The service, however, is not only limited to vehicles, but also covers people as well.

The devices and tools provided in the company's tracking and navigation service include a tracking software with detailed city and country maps, a GPS receiver device and a base station with a communications network.

There are two GPS receiver devices and one of them is the VM series - an automated vehicle location system (AVLS). This device is installed in the vehicle. The other device is a GPS handphone which can be carried around.

"Other than VM, no other AVLS system to date is able to do zoning, route planning and scheduling all in a single system," claimed Virtual Maps Pte Ltd's chief executive officer Firdhaus Akhber.

Three AVLS models are available from VM. The VM Intellitrac is a trip recorder without a modem, the VM Intellitrac 3020 comes with a modem and the VM Intellitrac 3030 has a modem and a built-in alarm system.

As for the handphone itself, the unit is a Benefon set which has a built-in GPS tracking device that allows companies to monitor the location of their employees wherever they are.

Furthermore, the handphone can be controlled directly by the company using the software provided by Rimman VM, even when the handphone has been turned off. This enables continuous tracking of the person.

The communication between the tracking devices and the base station uses the standard short messaging service (SMS) and global system for mobile communications (GSM) network.

The position of the vehicle is relayed via SMS through the GSM network to the base station, which uses the tracking software to monitor the position of the vehicle or person.

The software is able to track a person or vehicle equipped with the GPS receiver anytime, anywhere and displays their position on a map in real-time.

Other than the tracking and navigation service, Rimman VM provides Internet map services like the VM Campus/Facilities Maps and the VM Retail Locator.

The VM Campus/Facilites Maps helps increase efficiency and awareness of a campus or facility location at the click of a button. It allows users to view live interactive maps from anywhere in the world before making a visit to the campus/facility.

With the VM Retail Locator, companies can now provide crucial information to their clients about their exact location and services with proximity searches on the Web site.

It provides complete information to a client on how to get to the company's specific retail outlet, including directions on how to travel from point A to point B.

The tracking and navigation service is targeted at the logistics, car rental, securities and insurance industries while the VM Campus/Facilities Maps is aimed at universitites and public facilities such as parks.

As for the VM Retail Locator, it is intended for companies in the retail industry with various outlet locations.

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